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Galih dan Ratna (2017) Full Movie: A Story of First Love and Passion

it worked. i was very happy that we had a turnout of people, said the pixie-ish director and his co-director. but no one was more surprised than me when about 100 people crowded inside senayan arts center pacific place shopping mall, seeking an inside look at the upcoming teen romantic adventure film.

Download Film Galih Dan Ratna Full Movie

the reason there were so many was that the nov. 15 screening of the reboot, or garuda (which means flying eagle in indonesian), at hong kah kedai shopping center at the jakarta art district was scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. naturally, lucky and his co-director, ng hock ding (the director of the stage version of the most beautiful girl in the world ), hoped there would be a large crowd.

both participants in a professional workshop on film-making at pacific place shopping mall in senayan, south jakarta, wednesday, said an upcoming drama flick starring galih (which means happy) and ratna (which means young woman) has strong potential for becoming one of indonesias best-known films, despite the movies conservative message.

lucky kurniawan, who is the director and lead writer of the indonesian teen flick 'galih & ratna.' on their opposing backgrounds lucky said he wanted to explore different themes, like growing up and the lonliness of teenagers. there are also themes about the power and responsibility of being a teenager.

i really like simplicity. i believe simplicity is hard to do, especially in movies. it's an interesting challenge. after the workshop lucky said he could have decided on making it more melodramatic but perhaps,

lucky is new to film making. he got into it through music and he's got an increasingly successful career as a musician. he feels he needs to be more involved in the film industry and said there's nothing wrong with doing one thing at a time.


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