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Mohabbatein Movie 720p Brrip Hd Full Moviegolkes

Mohabbatein Movie Review: A Musical Romance with a Message

Mohabbatein is a 2000 Hindi movie directed by Aditya Chopra and starring Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, and six newcomers. The movie is a musical romance that revolves around the love stories of three couples who study at Gurukul, a prestigious all-male university run by a strict headmaster named Narayan Shankar (Bachchan). The movie also features the music teacher Raj Aryan (Khan), who is a former student of Gurukul and has a past connection with Shankar's daughter Megha (Rai). Raj Aryan challenges Shankar's rigid rules and tries to spread the message of love and freedom among the students.

The movie was a huge commercial success and became the second-highest-grossing film of 2000 in India. It also won several awards, including five Filmfare Awards and two National Film Awards. The movie is widely regarded as one of the best musicals and romances in Bollywood history. The movie has a runtime of 216 minutes and is available in 720p and 480p qualities of Original BluRay & AAC-5.1 HD Audio.

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Plot Summary

The movie begins with Raj Aryan arriving at Gurukul as the new music teacher. He meets the three friends Vicky (Uday Chopra), Sameer (Jugal Hansraj), and Karan (Jimmy Sheirgill), who are in love with Ishika (Shamita Shetty), Sanjana (Kim Sharma), and Kiran (Preeti Jhangiani), respectively. However, they are afraid to express their feelings because of Shankar's strict rule that forbids any romantic relationship among the students. Raj Aryan encourages them to pursue their love and helps them in various ways.

Meanwhile, Shankar is suspicious of Raj Aryan's intentions and tries to find out his background. He learns that Raj Aryan was once a student of Gurukul who fell in love with his daughter Megha, who committed suicide after Shankar expelled Raj Aryan for his rebellious behavior. Shankar blames Raj Aryan for his daughter's death and vows to destroy him. He also warns the students to stay away from Raj Aryan and his teachings.

The movie then shows the flashbacks of Raj Aryan and Megha's love story, which was filled with passion and romance. They met at a dance competition where Raj Aryan impressed Megha with his performance. They exchanged letters and met secretly at a railway station. They also shared a kiss on Valentine's Day, which was witnessed by Shankar. He confronted Raj Aryan and asked him to leave Gurukul or forget Megha. Raj Aryan chose to leave Gurukul but promised to return for Megha. However, before he could do so, Megha killed herself by jumping off the roof of Gurukul.

The movie then returns to the present, where Raj Aryan continues to inspire the students to follow their hearts. He also confronts Shankar several times and challenges his authority and ideology. He tells him that he still loves Megha and that he will never forget her. He also reveals that he came back to Gurukul to fulfill Megha's last wish, which was to see Gurukul filled with love and happiness.

The movie reaches its climax when Shankar decides to expel Vicky, Sameer, and Karan for breaking his rule. He calls their parents and asks them to take their sons away from Gurukul. However, the parents support their sons' love and refuse to obey Shankar. They also praise Raj Aryan for his positive influence on their sons. Raj Aryan then tells Shankar that he has failed as a headmaster and as a father. He asks him to let go of his hatred and embrace love. He also tells him that Megha is still alive in his heart and that he should listen to her voice.

The movie ends with Shankar realizing his mistake and apologizing to Raj Aryan. He also accepts the students' love and allows them to stay at Gurukul. He hugs Raj Aryan and calls him his son. The movie ends with a song that celebrates love and life.


Mohabbatein is a movie that explores the themes of love, freedom, and rebellion. The movie contrasts the two characters of Raj Aryan and Shankar, who represent the opposite sides of the spectrum. Raj Aryan is a free-spirited and passionate person who believes in the power of love and music. He is a rebel who challenges the status quo and inspires others to follow their dreams. Shankar is a rigid and authoritarian person who believes in the power of discipline and rules. He is a tyrant who suppresses the individuality and creativity of others.

The movie also shows the different aspects of love, such as friendship, romance, and parental love. The movie depicts the love stories of three couples who face various obstacles and challenges in their relationships. The movie also shows the love between Raj Aryan and Megha, who are separated by fate but united by their souls. The movie also shows the love between Shankar and his daughter, who are estranged by their differences but reconciled by their forgiveness.

The movie is a musical masterpiece that features nine songs composed by Jatin-Lalit and written by Anand Bakshi. The songs are catchy, melodious, and meaningful. They enhance the mood and emotion of the scenes and characters. The songs also reflect the themes and messages of the movie. Some of the popular songs are "Humko Humise Chura Lo", "Aankhein Khuli", "Chalte Chalte", "Pairon Mein Bandhan Hai", and "Mohabbatein Love Theme".


Mohabbatein is a movie that celebrates love in all its forms. It is a movie that inspires people to follow their hearts and live their lives with passion and joy. It is a movie that teaches people to respect and accept others for who they are and what they believe in. It is a movie that shows that love can overcome any obstacle and change any person. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, sing, and dance. It is a movie that will stay with you forever.

If you are looking for a movie that will touch your soul and make you feel alive, then Mohabbatein is the movie for you. You can watch it online or download it in 720p or 480p qualities of Original BluRay & AAC-5.1 HD Audio from [MoviezGuru], [Bilibili], or []. Enjoy!


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