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Microsoft And GitHub Grow Closer [Extra Quality]

In the spirit of forward momentum, we will be releasing a new simulation platform in the coming year and subsequently archiving the original 2017 AirSim. Users will still have access to the original AirSim code beyond that point, but no further updates will be made, effective immediately. Instead, we will focus our efforts on a new product, Microsoft Project AirSim, to meet the growing needs of the aerospace industry. Project AirSim will provide an end-to-end platform for safely developing and testing aerial autonomy through simulation. Users will benefit from the safety, code review, testing, advanced simulation, and AI capabilities that are uniquely available in a commercial product. As we get closer to the release of Project AirSim, there will be learning tools and features available to help you migrate to the new platform and to guide you through the product. To learn more about building aerial autonomy with the new Project AirSim, visit

Microsoft and GitHub grow closer

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