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Farlight 84 PC APK Download: Unlock a Diverse Roster of Heroes and Dominate the Battlefield

Farlight 84 PC APK: How to Download and Play this Amazing Battle Royale Game

If you are looking for a new and exciting battle royale game that redefines traditional gameplay, you should check out Farlight 84. This is a shooting game developed by FARLIGHT that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombie-cyborgs have taken over the land. You have to survive and kill your enemies before they get you using weapons, vehicles, jetpacks, heroes, and more.

In this article, we will show you what are the main features of Farlight 84, and how you can download and play it on your PC using an emulator. Playing on PC will give you many advantages, such as better graphics, smoother performance, larger screen, keyboard and mouse controls, shooting mode, etc. You will also be able to play anytime on your mobile device with the same account.

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Jetpacks: Fly on the Battlefield

One of the most innovative features of Farlight 84 is the jetpacks. These are devices that allow you to fly on the battlefield and perform agile aerial maneuvers and unexpected enemy strikes. You can soar to new heights and unleash havoc from above with your weapons or skills.

Vehicles: Unlimited Transforming Firepower

Another feature that sets Farlight 84 apart from other battle royale games is the vehicles. These are not just ordinary vehicles that you can use to travel the arena and cause havoc along the way. These are vehicles that can transform into formidable turrets or unleash their mighty firepower like a superhero.

For example, you can use a motorcycle that can turn into a giant robot with a laser cannon, or a truck that can launch missiles and rockets. You can also join forces with your team and form a powerful convoy that can crush your enemies with ease.

Heroes: Use Ultimates to Win

Another feature that makes Farlight 84 unique and fun is the heroes. These are characters that you can unlock and play as in the game. Each hero has a different role, personality, appearance, and skill set. There are four hero roles: Assault, Defense, Scout, and Support.

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You can assemble a diverse combat squad where each member can find their own unique niche and contribute to the team's victory. You can also use ultimates, which are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. For example, you can use a shield that protects your allies, or a bomb that explodes your enemies.

No Where to Hide: Land and Start Blasting

Another feature that makes Farlight 84 thrilling and challenging is the gameplay. This is a fast-paced and action-packed game where you have to land in the arena with 40 other players and battle it out to the last. You have to get the most super-powered weapons made by Big Four arms manufacturers and avoid being detected by enhanced detection skills.

You can choose from a variety of weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, snipers, grenades, etc. You can also customize your weapons with different modules that enhance their functions. For example, you can add scopes, silencers, or magazines.

Multiple Revives: Get Revenge Instantly

Another feature that makes Farlight 84 fair and fun is the multiple revives. This is a system that allows you to get revived by your teammates and return to the battlefield for revenge. You don't have to worry about instant death upon landing or being eliminated by a lucky shot.

You can get revived up to three times in a match, depending on your revive tokens. You can also revive your teammates by using your revive skills or items. You can also use revive stations that are scattered around the map. However, you have to be careful of enemy attacks while reviving or being revived.

Refuges: Build Your Own Stronghold

Another feature that makes Farlight 84 immersive and social is the refuges. These are places where you can chill in between battles with your friends and other players. You can create your own refuges or join others' refuges and enjoy various activities and interactions.

You can customize your refuges with building materials that you can get from your victories in battle. You can also decorate your refuges with furniture, plants, pets, etc. You can also invite your friends to your refuges and chat, play games, or watch videos together.

Cross-Platform: Play on PC and Mobile for Free

Another feature that makes Farlight 84 convenient and accessible is the cross-platform. This is a system that allows you to play the game on both PC and mobile devices for free. You can experience the best of both platforms with a single account and enjoy the enhanced gameplay on your PC while savoring the convenience of playing anytime on your mobile device.

To play Farlight 84 on PC, you need to download and install an emulator that can run Android games on your computer. One of the best emulators for this purpose is LDPlayer, which is fast, stable, secure, and compatible with Farlight 84. You can download LDPlayer from its official website and follow the instructions to install it on your PC.

Once you have installed LDPlayer, you can launch it and search for Farlight 84 in its built-in app store. You can then download and install Farlight 84 on your emulator and start playing it with keyboard and mouse controls, shooting mode, high graphics, etc. You can also sync your game data with your mobile device by logging in with the same account.


Farlight 84 is an amazing battle royale game that offers a lot of features and fun for players who love shooting games. You can fly on the battlefield with jetpacks, transform vehicles into weapons, use ultimates to win, land and start blasting, get multiple revives, build your own refuges, and play on PC and mobile for free.

If you want to try out this game, you can download it from Google Play or App Store for your mobile device, or use LDPlayer to play it on your PC. You will surely have a blast playing this game with your friends or other players from around the world.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Farlight 84:

  • What are some tips and tricks for playing Farlight 84 on PC?

Some tips and tricks for playing Farlight 84 on PC are:

  • Use the shooting mode of LDPlayer to aim and fire more accurately and quickly.

  • Customize your keyboard and mouse controls according to your preferences and comfort.

  • Adjust your graphics settings to optimize your performance and reduce lag.

  • Use the multi-instance feature of LDPlayer to play multiple accounts or games at the same time.

  • Use the macro feature of LDPlayer to automate repetitive tasks or actions.

  • What are the system requirements for playing Farlight 84 on PC?

The system requirements for playing Farlight 84 on PC using LDPlayer are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • CPU: Intel or AMD Processor (x86/x86_64)

  • RAM: At least 2 GB

  • Disk Space: At least 36 GB

  • Graphics Card: Any card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or above

  • How can I contact the developers of Farlight 84 for feedback or support?

You can contact the developers of Farlight 84 for feedback or support by using the following methods:

  • Email:

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

  • Discord:

  • Is Farlight 84 available on other platforms besides PC and mobile?

  • No, Farlight 84 is currently only available on PC and mobile devices. However, the developers may consider releasing it on other platforms in the future depending on the demand and feedback from the players.

  • Is Farlight 84 a free-to-play game or does it have in-app purchases?

Farlight 84 is a free-to-play game that does not require any payment to download or play. However, it does have in-app purchases that allow you to buy items such as skins, weapons, vehicles, heroes, etc. These items are optional and do not affect the gameplay or balance of the game.I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about Farlight 84. This is a game that you should definitely try out if you love battle royale games with a twist. You can download it from Google Play or App Store for your mobile device, or use LDPlayer to play it on your PC. Have fun and good luck!


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