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How To Make TouchWiz Look Like Pure Android On Your Samsung Galaxy

Both Samsung and HTC offer a series of settings that can give you significantly more control over your camera. White balance, shutter speed, exposure, and countless simple modes all combine to give you power over how your image will look before you snap your photo. Given the amount of engineering and money that goes into the hardware behind these cameras, it only makes sense that the software should offer more utility.

How to make TouchWiz look like pure Android on your Samsung Galaxy

I use an app called Icon Changer (Play Store link here) to make the Phone icon look like AOSP. You'll also need an icon pack with the AOSP-style phone icon, and this one has it.

If you don't like your phone brand's apps, you can find most of Google's own versions in the Google Play app store. Or you can just get a Nexus device from Google, which has no bloatware from phone makers or carriers.

The dialer app has been re-skinned with slimmer fonts and a more minimalist white background to look more like Lollipop. The gallery has also changed with swipe functions for accessing albums and re-organising, more like Lollipop. The clock section has had a similar minimalist makeover.


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