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Fate/Extra CCC English 29: How to Download and Play the Fan Translation


Fate/Extra CCC English 29: How to Download and Play the Fan Translation

Fate/Extra CCC is a role-playing game developed by Type-Moon and Imageepoch for the PlayStation Portable. It is a sequel to Fate/Extra, which was released in 2010. Fate/Extra CCC follows the story of a new protagonist, who is either a male or female student at Tsukumihara Academy, a fictional school that exists inside a virtual world. The protagonist is involved in a war between Masters and Servants, who are historical or mythical figures summoned by the Holy Grail.

fate extra ccc english 29

Unfortunately, Fate/Extra CCC was never officially released outside of Japan, leaving many fans of the Fate series unable to enjoy this game. However, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated fan translation team, Fate/Extra CCC English 29 is now available for download and play. This is the latest version of the fan translation project, which has been in the works since 2014. The team has translated about 80% of the game's script, including all of the main story and most of the side content.

If you want to play Fate/Extra CCC English 29, you will need a few things. First, you will need a copy of the original Japanese game, either in physical or digital form. You can buy it from online stores like Amazon or Play-Asia, or download it from the PlayStation Store if you have a Japanese account. Second, you will need a PSP emulator that can run ISO files, such as PPSSPP. You can download PPSSPP from its official website or from your device's app store. Third, you will need the fan translation patch file, which you can download from the team's website or from their Discord server.

Once you have everything ready, you can follow these steps to install and play Fate/Extra CCC English 29:

  • Extract the patch file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You should get a folder named "patch" and a file named "xdelta3.exe".

  • Copy the patch folder and the xdelta3.exe file to the same directory where your Fate/Extra CCC ISO file is located.

  • Run xdelta3.exe and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to select your Fate/Extra CCC ISO file as the source file and choose a name for the output file. This will create a new ISO file with the fan translation applied.

  • Copy the new ISO file to your PSP emulator's game folder.

  • Launch your PSP emulator and select Fate/Extra CCC English 29 from the game list.

  • Enjoy playing Fate/Extra CCC in English!

Note that Fate/Extra CCC English 29 is still an incomplete translation and may contain bugs or errors. The team is working hard to finish the project and release a final version in the future. If you encounter any problems or have any feedback, you can contact them through their website or Discord server.

Fate/Extra CCC English 29 is a great opportunity for fans of the Fate series to experience one of its most unique and intriguing games. With its engaging story, diverse characters, and challenging gameplay, Fate/Extra CCC will keep you hooked for hours. Don't miss this chance to download and play Fate/Extra CCC English 29 today!

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