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Video Hot Ayu Azhari Di Film Wit

the night of the penis (2000) director: kiki kishi. stars: diane watson, sam waterston. the makers were unable to obtain a uk classification for this movie, so had to make a mockery of the idea and turn the penis into a black plague. the plot is about a naked man who wanders around london in search of his penis. with a cast of about 30, the cast tries to maintain a sense of humour throughout, but inevitably fall into a state of desperation. a very poor film. filmed in london.

Video Hot Ayu Azhari Di Film Wit

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5. the third ringing (1986) director: anthony page. stars: jack palance, simon callow, tilda swinton. once again, an attempt at a political allegory. it centres around a corrupt aristocrat called lord lucan who attempts to frame his political opponents for a series of murders. the title refers to a form of torture where the victim is locked in a tower with an iron ring screwed into the wall. a company is found who will design a device to crush the victims skull so they can escape. filmed in london. supposedly based on a real case. jack palance is at his best as lucan. the plot is poorly developed.

the blue lamp (1953) director: john baxter. stars: john stuart, christine norden. based on the novel the blue lamp by gerald gardner, this is a curious film which tries to combine a romantic comedy, a mystery and a soap opera. john stuart plays a clerk at the british museum, who takes a shine to christine norden who is in the process of becoming a policewoman. the plot revolves around the theft of a curious artefact and a suspected murder. the script is strangely hammy and wooden. the scene where the policeman discovers the body is quite entertaining, but the rest of the film is so predictable.


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