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Music Recommendations to raise the vibes 🧘🏽‍♀️

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Ooksanaa Uklimovg
Ooksanaa Uklimovg

You Have Requested : 25.Superman.Sem.Limites.72...

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You Have Requested : 25.Superman.Sem.Limites.72...

Depending on your selected major of interest in the OU admissions application, you may have additional scholarship opportunities. If applicable, the application will prompt you to complete a short essay.

The University of Oklahoma offers a variety of scholarships to admitted transfer students based on criteria such as academics, leadership, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. There are two main categories of scholarships for transfer students: academic and competitive scholarships. Please note that for the purposes of these scholarships, you are only considered a transfer student if you have completed 24 college credit hours post high school graduation.

The list below represents centralized scholarship programs for the Norman campus and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Visit to explore other scholarships opportunities. Scholarships awarded by individual departments have an application deadline of February 1. Apply for admission and scholarships at

Carl Van Loon: That you would even think that would only show me how unprepared you are to be on your own. I mean, you do know you're a freak Your deductive powers are a gift from God or chance or a straight shot of sperm or whatever or whoever wrote your life-script. A gift, not earned. You do not know what I know because you have not earned those powers. You're careless with those powers, you flaunt them, and you throw them around like a brat with his trust-fund. You haven't had to climb up all the greasy little rungs. You haven't been bored blind at the fundraisers. You haven't done the time and that first marriage to the girl with the right father. You think you can leap over all in a single bound. You haven't had to bribe or charm or threat your way to a seat at that table. You don't know how to assess your competition because you haven't competed. Don't make me your competition

Inside LexCorp, the Justice League's seven founding members and Amanda Waller have just been treated to the bizarre sight of Brainiac inside Lex Luthor's body. But no one is more surprised than Luthor himself. Brainiac explains that he inserted a microscopic copy of himself into Luthor's body when he forced Luthor to build him a new body inside LexCorp years earlier.[1] Since then, he has grown steadily, until Luthor was, for all intents and purposes, acting under his control. As a by-product of his occupancy, Brainiac cured Luthor's Kryptonite poisoning and gave him his mysterious super-strength. The last act Luthor was to accomplish was to transfer Brainiac's consciousness into the "more suitable" android body.

Having had enough exposition, the League attacks, but the Luthor/Brainiac hybrid knocks the League and Waller out of the building. Superman fights the hybrid, but it is able to convert the building into mechanical constructs, with which he eventually overpowers the League, planning to digitize any individual knowledge they have, then delete their physical forms. But J'onn J'onzz phases free of the restraints and smashes Brainiac's body, freeing the League. As his final move, Brainiac converts the entire top of the LexCorp tower into an enormous skull-like robot ship, and attacks again. The Justice Leaguers swarm an attack on the ship at all sides before the combined power of Superman and Green Lantern destroy the ship.

It seems the threat is over, but Batman immediately claims the fight was too easy, and the League realizes the attack was only a diversion and Luthor/Brainiac is nowhere to be found. Under Brainiac's control, Luthor is walking along a sewer several miles away, looking to find a place where he can stop and repair himself. Brainiac makes it clear that he regards Luthor as only a temporary vessel, and will then be destroyed. Luthor points out that Brainiac's programming is devoid of purpose: its ultimate end is simply for him to digitize, then destroy the entire universe. With


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