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Trashed And Scattered

Haters yes. Deathbats in general. no Simply being exhausted from all the frustration with people trying to bring your life down just as much as they can. " play your game and walk away , your intergrity don't mean shit" Crawl on me you fucking parasite and ima take you out. He's referring to the hate ppl like to express in example calling a7x an emo band. They have been and strictly will always be followers of bands such as Metallica and Pantera. Any of you wana try to call either of them emo?THus people who want to bring you down are those who are trashed and scattered and only wish the same of you.

Trashed and Scattered

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well when A7X played here. Shadows said that the song was meant for the Haters of the deathbats. Hence the "Trashed and scattered again, I'm feelin' so low You waste your breath while fuckin' with me, my blood is so cold My destination always unknown, I'll find my way there But you Goddamn Motherfuckers always wasting my time" but if you beg to differ that's fine.

The song trashed and scattered is about how the press trashes and scatters them. 'lie about my life have a story to tell' explains it all. If you beg to differ, then rate and post something else, but if no, then shut-up!

Trashed and scattered again, I'm feelin' so lowYou waste breath while fuckin' with me, my blood is so coldMy destinations always are unknown, I'll find my way therebut Goddamn Motherfuckers always wasting my time

Trashed and scattered again, I'm feelin' so lowYou waste your breath while fuckin' with me, my blood is so coldMy destination is always unknown, I'll find my way therebut Goddamn imposter are you out of your mind?

Don't try and get the best of me (No one can help but your own self)City makes my body ache (Lonely, don't try to prey on me)x2I feel your world keep dying, no more use in tryin'And my body's trashed and low, but to you I'll never show myself for what's insideAnd I've seen it all before but I'll settle the score, I'll never join your side

Don't try and get the best of me (no one can help but your own self) City makes my body ache (lonely, don't try and prey on me) I feel your world dying, no more use in tryin' And my body's trashed and low, but you I'll never show myself or what's inside And you've seen it all before but I'll settle the score, I'll never join your side.

Currently, the state considers essential urban services, such as water, sanitation, and solid waste management, to be the responsibility of local or national governments [1,2,3,4]. Research on the identification and classification of trash has been performed [5,6,7]. However, it was not optimal regarding the amount of trash detected and accurate trash detection. At the same time, optimization plays an essential role in computer vision because many computer vision algorithms employ an optimization step at some point in their proceeding [8]. A study was conducted by Fuchikawa in 2005 on trash collection using an OSR robot (Outdoor Service Robot) [9]. Unfortunately, this research was only aimed at collecting plastic trash in PET bottles. Another study was conducted by an Italian research group led by Mazzolai [10]. They named the robot DustCart. This robot groups junk types based on user input. After the user inputs the type of trash, the robot opens the trashed store according to the type of trash input. However, robot cameras are for navigation, avoiding obstacles, and not classifying trash types.

The speech was a 180-degree shift from the globalism of newly former President Barack Obama, who looked on stoically as Trump, by insinuation, trashed his leadership and promised to dismantle his legacy.

... for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge; and the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.

from Summer Johannes Göransson (bio) The peacock is påfågeln the revolver is onbecause like summerbirds it is made for debtsto pay them backin antigone it soundslike simon saysplay with swans simon saysgold simon says dead I sayhelp me my revolver is onin summer med dödapåfåglar scattered acrossthe lawn I think I must bea violent childof summer I think I mustbe galen näktergalenabout the body Simonalways says count dom galnafåglarna på fingrarnaSimon always says I have toplay Antigone with uglyfingers and with my eyesshut in the sunlight I have todo the assassination thing [End Page 63] We have shadowsin summer I can readletters I won't tell youwhat they say it's a privatemessage from my privatemother to my privatedaughter the daughtergoes clap clapmed hennes näktergalnahänder I invented warI can't turn it off

Everybody recognizes a death'sheadhawk but there are nobreathing holes in the underworldand it's just the world nowthe rabble has failed to leavethe pavilion if I'm going to go hardon the page I'm damnedthe lilacs are beautifulin the window in the afterworldI've eaten the meatmy wife can't bring me backblood on my lips angelshave craniums I have sommari Stockholm som om jag hörhemma where everything stainsthe angels with seedsand flowers crushed againstmy face I damage the canvasthe elegy I'm writing in summeris foreign jag är inte ensammed ängelskan not alonei dikten the girls tell meit's horrifying to speak [End Page 64] på sommar ängelskait's horrifying to speakThe pictures make summersense to me in summerevery hellish image of a girlor tree tells me liesabout sommaren it lasts foreverI am told I can't afford itsays pöbeln I am interviewingyou for antigone or childhoodyou will say it's a jokewhen bodies pile up outsidethe door outside the wallmy childhood outsidethe wall has been bought coveredup in a language I fearwill make me sick with gravitywith a million cuts I will takesummer back it can't belongto birds men nu är det jagsom är näktergalen treasonousmy eyes are my eyesbelong to the angel in the blackbramble she opens heropiumblue eyes and looks at mewhen I'm trashed in EvaKristina Olsson's play aboutchildhood I play the partthat doesn't end I playthe dead child you cover upmunnen is just a blackhole where dikten ticktocks [End Page 65] I will end this poemin a hospital room I woke upwith dikten I heardmy body was lilac I heardthe silence from which I appearedmed mina pärlögonand the syringe like penhas been trashed with lilacsall the garbage from the suncollects in this room my juneroom where I still havethat trashed lilac look it's stillcounterfeit it's still treasonousto be from somewhere elseto listen to and worse to lookat syrenerna as if I was notgoing down as if I did not speakto paintings Lillian saysget ready for the heartis being pulled out by the rootswhat do you mean I askshe says sångerna på radionthey were stolenthey say you don't belongto summer you comefrom far away med dina pärlögon and your summergravity scares you you're goingdown I can blank you out withone bullet you have none [End Page 66] Writing poems about historyis a scam I picturemyself in a movie about debtand poetry is what I seeas a kind of comaon the beach with seashellson the sand snailsstill wriggling inside the shellsI write a poem about...

Sunk in the mud and water was the carcass of an Ogre. Even in ruins itovershadowed the broken landscape, half buried, its armor shattered in toomany places. All about it, like a funeral tribute, were scattered theremains of two armor companies.

"We programmed the Ogres to learn from their experiences. Thornbush 8learned that Combine units can be the enemy. About fifty miles ahead arethe remnants of MacMurphy's headquarters. After that, I guess Thornydecided that no one could be trusted. Maybe if we had a Mark Six in thearea, he could have pulled rank. But the closest was pushing back a Mickbeachhead in French Guiana. So we ran Thorny down and we trashed him, andit cost us big. 041b061a72


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