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Music Recommendations to raise the vibes 🧘🏽‍♀️

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Faded-Red Conflict Torrent

The alliance would quickly fail. With Kyle Powers now influencing the Republic defense on Archernar, the Swordsworn used the alliance to drag Powers into a more destructive conflict with the Steel Wolves. Their plan was to weaken both forces enough so that a Swordsworn takeover of the planet would be assured. Led by Erik Sandoval-Groell, the Swordsworn ambushed a Steel Wolves salvage team on 1 March 3133.[7]

Faded-Red Conflict Torrent

Loving someone in recovery will call for a heightened awareness of the effect you have on your partner and how the conflict between you affects your own sense of self. Using that awareness and skills you have learned, you can support your partner in recovery while ensuring that you each invest in self-development.

The Senoi dream is meaningful, active, and creative. Adults deliberately go intotheir dreams to solve problems of interpersonal and intercultural conflict. They comeout of their dreams with a new song, tool, dance, idea. The waking and the dreamingstates are equally valid, each acting upon the other in complementary fashion.


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