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A Moon Deck Reading for You - Leading Up to New Moon in Cancer this Friday

Hello Friends!

It's been a while. What a transformational time filled with lots of change it is, indeed!

I took time away while I adjusted to a new part-time job I acquired back at the end of April.

I visit my mom and vacationed in my hometown. Josh and I hosted my mother-in-law at our apartment immediately after while we began the search to share a home in the Austin area. We're doing this for more space and to save money for our future land or home.

You can say I've been a little preoccupied.

I have my next virtual new moon circle coming up this Friday July 9th at 7:30 PM CST!

It's in Cancer and I can't wait to muse about balance and boundaries with ya'll!

I pulled a card reading from The Moon Deck to stir up some vibes and guidance to lead us to the new moon this Friday.

  • Butterfly is a symbol of life's cycles, joy, flight, resilience, and transformation. Remember growth is a natural process where change is inevitable. Don't deny the natural process of evolution. You are on the right track to being an expression of your highest self!

  • Lion! I think Leo season!! This card reminds me of the bold, strong, and beautiful Leos in my life. Lions are excellent hunters who've learned to use patience and timing to overcome challenges. Awaken your own lioness within. Open up to your own courage and strength as you become more in tune with your purpose. Whenever you feel down, tired, and emotionally depleted remember you can channel and connect to this strong energy.

  • Ancestors. This card is such a special one for me. Every time I pull it, I intuitively get a sense that my ancestors, masters, teachers, loved ones, guides, guardian angels, and spirits are with me. I always seem to pull it in times I'm looking for guidance and support from the divine. Many of our freedoms and gifts are ours due to the sacrifice of others who lived before us. We can honor our ancestors by looking back at where we came from. Connecting to the "oneness" that led you to experience your life. When you connect to your higher self and truly living your life's purpose to the fullest with joy and love helps heal and honor the lineage you come from.

Can't wait to connect with ya'll via zoom this Friday! If you're interested in joining my new moon circle send me a direct message or comment on this post.

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