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August Updates // New Moon in Leo & SUPER Full Moon in Aquarius

Hello friends!!

How are ya'll? How is August going? Mine is quite busy which explains my absence. 😳

Recently I've been choosing to rest instead of producing another thing. I work a lot and am on the go. It's been the case ever since returning from vacation in Miami a few weeks ago. I even began working in my dreams! I'm also moving to a different city outside of Austin tomorrow. Enough about me, here's the recap!

New Mon in Leo Themes: Celebrate Life! The more you do, the more you'll have to celebrate. Get in touch with your creativity this will help you lighten up and raise the vibes. Self accountability and putting ourselves out there. Love Yourself: What do you bring to the table? What is the best of what you have to offer? Connecting to this can help boost your confidence and leadership.


Toni - I am confident and stepping into my authentic self.

Gaby - I am staying positive, confident, and everything is coming my way. I trust, remain open, and honest.

Kiana - I am leaning into my creative side and I am becoming financially abundant.

Erica - I am letting go of my relationship with my Mother.

Tami - I am finding a full time job.

The Moon Deck Card Reading:

My friend Kiana and her mom, Erica joined us in this circle. Kiana also owns The Moon Deck herself and I asked her to pull some cards for us. Funny thing, both of us pulled the Purpose card, the first card to the left, at the beginning of the reading. Further amplifying the message of being abundant and having everything we need as we are. If we are going through a loss, or noticing a lack of a job or resources, practice being gentle and compassionate during this time. Remind yourself this change isn't forever. Connect with what you have and cherish, and give thanks and celebrate your blessings received. The Ancestors card shows proof we are not alone. Our path is also our ancestors' path and celebrating our life honors those that come before us. The Nature card was pulled last and reminds us that we are of the earth ourselves. We have dynamic elements within us, we contract and expand, rise and fall, gather and release. When we make time to connect and be in harmony with nature, we can begin to let go of force and welcome flow in.


A week ago on Thursday 8/11/22, we had a Super Full moon in Aquarius. What makes it "super" is how the moon is physically closer to the earth which also makes it appear larger to us on Earth. This amplifies the energies and changes illuminated to us during this time. Here's what to consider for a full moon in Aquarius (taken from Moonology: Working With the Magic of Lunar Cycles by Yasmin Boland):

Energy: Change & Progress

Message: It's time to detach and let go.

Find Balance with: trying to be all things to all people vs. having real relationships

Top 5 Questions to Consider:

  1. Have I been pragmatic to the point of losing romance in life?

  2. Have I been living in my head and not in my heart?

  3. Have I been trying to do things only my way because I can?

  4. Have I been trying to befriend others for the wrong reasons?

  5. Have I allowed myself to move forward this month?

This concludes my updates! I look forward to gathering and seeing ya'll next week, Saturday 8/27/22 for our Virtual New Moon Circle in Virgo ♍!



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