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Burning Ritual to Let Go, Forgive, and Transform

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Hello Loves!

Today I'm sharing a simple and powerful ritual that is perfect anytime you're fed up, ready to let go, and move on!

Remember we are the creators of our reality and checking in with ourselves to see what stories and programming we are running in our lives is important for our wellbeing, growth, and development.

This practice is particularly useful and empowering for me.

It has helped me address life blocks, mental blocks, traumas, conditioning, and negative narratives that weren't serving my highest good.

You can engage in this ritual anytime. However, Full Moon and New Moon times are great times to do this to help cleanse and clear energies. This sets you up for success with your new intentions.

When things aren't going the way we want, plan, or expect, instead of getting caught up in personally reacting to it and feeding a negative story, and creating drama, you can acknowledge the issue or struggle for what it is and bless it with gratitude.

Connect to what is good and what is working in your life. Count your blessings and move from contraction to expansion and experiencing the abundance already there.

If you do this, you can forgive yourself or anyone that's hurt you or wronged you, or made you feel any kind of negative way.

In her book, "Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles" author Yasmin Boland says, "When you forgive, you release karma and exit the situation...once you've released any upset through forgiveness, fill up again with gratitude".

How to facilitate a burning ritual:

  1. Connect to your heart and write down all thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve you that you want to let go of.

  2. Start a safe fire in a designated fireplace or a fire pit outside.

  3. Burn your list or take time burning each item one by one.

  4. Watch the fire consume your paper and transmute it to smoke while you actively let go.

  5. You can recite a phrase or prayer if you'd like: "I thank my darkness, shadows, and struggles for what they are and make room for more blessings and light in my life. I forgive and let go. Amen/ and so it is."

Deepest and Warmest Regards,



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