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Connect to Yourself with Grounding & Earthing


Grounding and Earthing are new practices for me.

I remember hanging out with my dear friend and Reiki Healer, Carolee at the park about two years ago when she told me about it and I tried it for the first time.

I smile at myself as I type this today knowing how much It helps me.

It's now something I do often throughout the month. My new goal is to do it once or twice a week! It truly would be HEAVEN ON EARTH if I made this a priority and did this daily. ^___^

Baby steps!

What does it mean to ground down and earth?

To put it simply, it's when you practice fully inhabiting your body while touching your bare feet to the earth. You do this with the intention of feeling grounded, rooted, safe, calm, and fully situated in your body in the present moment.

Conscious grounding and earthing are some of the practices mentioned in the book "Unshakeable You" by Kidest Om that I've shared with you!

These practices get you out of your head and move you to see facts and the bigger picture available to you now in the present.

Did you know that our busy lives typically keep us in mentally engaged states?

We watch the news and Netflix, chat with or lurk on our friends on social media, or just mindlessly scroll through our feeds on the internet keeping our minds switched ON and engaged with multiple "tabs" of info.

Unless we endeavor to connect to the natural world around us, it won't happen unless we make a conscious effort to do it.

It all pays off because practicing embodiment and connecting to the earth consciously, helps you ground down and anchor into yourself instead of engaging and identifying with mental activity. This allows your body to get balanced.

To learn more about the physiological and psychological benefits of grounding and earthing check out page 21 in Kidest Om's book,"Unshakeable You: How to Self Regulate in Life's Challenging Moments".

If you try the practice, let me know how you enjoy it!

Here are some photos from my yummy grounding session from earlier this week.

I was soaking up the sun at my favorite open space in the park right outside my complex during my favorite time of day 2-5pm!

It's convenient to have a lightweight Coleman sleeping bag to use as an I'mpromtu picnic blanket!

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I'm happy to wear shorts in February!

(lol it's funny to see how tiny my feet look compared to everything else in the pic)


Wishing ya'll have an amazing weekend!




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