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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Happy Full Moon!

Please enjoy these magical photos I took out while walking my dog Bella at the park tonight✨.

How ya'll living?

My dear friend Carolee recommended the book "Moonology" by Yasmin Boland for learning about working with the lunar cycles. In the book, it describes a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus to have steady, earthy, energy.

It's a good time to find a balance between feelings and what you can practically do. What are the steps you can take? The message of this full moon is to take the time to make space to re-energize and realign your life.

As with every full moon, it's great to practice forgiveness and gratitude. Who do you forgive? For what? Forgive yourself too. Let go and be free. Expand. What are you grateful for right now? What feels good? Higher frequencies = Good Vibes.

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