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Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Hello loves!

How was your Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio?

Many of ya'll have been saying it's been an intense one... but for me, I feel peace, ease, calm, and readiness. I feel like I'm in an untouchable "calm before the storm" quiet space. It's like I know the time has come. I feel aligned and connected to the need of letting go to purge and expand into my authentic self. I feel inspired to do active shadow work again and heal in preparation for holding space for others in the near future. It's time for showing up, work, discipline, and structure in my life.

Here are some beautiful meditation and yoga offerings to harness the Scorpio Full Moon Energy from my friends Carolee & Monika from Casa De Prana Holistic Center in Houston:

Overcome adversity and bring the courage, temper, and energy that is in the air into your life. Balance and connect with your solar plexus these lunar eclipse days harmonizing the lessons we have already integrated and applying the wisdom learned. Align your body and mind to allow what no longer suits you to be released, and start manifesting your greatest desires by having the willpower to do or change anything in your life.

Yoga brings not only a state of spirituality and physical well-being but also suppleness to the body, so take what serves you from this routine and integrate it into your daily life. This routine will help you tone the entire spine and back as well as the abdominal area and work deeply into the shoulder alleviating tiredness, poor posture, and mild depression.

A token of appreciation: A blissful experience of the beauty of forgiveness through a powerful forgiveness meditation by Carolee Rodriguez

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