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Full Moon Musing in Virgo Feb 27,2021


Whew! I'm back after that winter storm! What an adventure.

I'm here to muse about the Full Moon in Virgo that happened yesterday Sat. Feb. 27, 2021 and still affects us today Sun. Feb 28, 2021.

If you're interested in learning more about working with the lunar cycles, I recommend you check out Yasmin Boland's website She's been working with the moon and the lunar cycles for over 20 years and has a global following. She's also written a book under the same name "Moonology" that I've just started reading! I'll share more in-depth insights as I continue to learn.

After a recent Mercury Retrograde (the first of 3 this year) and the intense challenging winter storm that hit us here in Texas, there is release, things are easing up, and we can experience more grounding energy these past couple of days seeing that Virgo is an earth sign.

Full Moon's are naturally a powerful, charged, illuminating time. This is a time where you can see how far you've come with the intentions you set during the New Moon and witness and celebrate your accomplishments.

If you notice you got pulled in different directions and perhaps didn't make as much progress, or if you got distracted along the way, now's a good time to let go of what doesn't work or serve you and refocus and continue working toward your goals.

In my vlog above, I mention how a burning ritual helped me identify negative thoughts and emotions and allowed me to consciously let go of blocks when making intentions during the beginning of this year. It's helped me open up, and helped me accomplish what I've created here with my blog. It's so powerful and healing I will create a separate post to share my process.

Engaging in personal rituals or activities like this while working with the lunar cycle, New and Full Moons have a higher likelihood of success due to your intention, visualization, and actions. What accomplishments are you celebrating this Full Moon? What intentions do you have going forward? Let me know down below in the comments or here on the forums :)!



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