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New Moon in Gemini 5/30/22 Recap

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Gemini Season ♊✨

I'm feeling particularly "at home" this month because I'm a Gemini myself :D!

Yesterday's circle was special because I hosted breathwork 🌬️. I just completed a shamanic breathwork training and I am very excited to offer this regularly for you. I find breathwork to be very therapeutic. It helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and is very helpful for anxiety or any form of dysregulation. Breathwork is like a meditation for me and it provides the time and space to connect to my inner wisdom which helps me process everything in life.

Thank you to everyone who joined yesterday! Here is the recap from our New Moon in Gemini:

Themes: Communication, being open to learning from different perspectives, intellectual exchange of information, breath is medicine, slowing down, meditating, tuning in, and connecting to our intuition and inner wisdom.

  • How do I communicate with myself? How am I communicating with others? How do I enter a social setting? Am I identifying with thoughts, fears, or judgments instead of authentically showing up as myself?

  • Communication and connection is a 2 way street of both giving and receiving, holding space, and being held. Can you reach out and initiate connections with others? Are you able to express yourself, ask for help, or support? Can you actively listen and hold space without giving advice or trying to solve anything? Can we vulnerably sit with each other with open hearts? Can we make space for what’s uncomfortable so we can process it, expand, and grow? Can you create boundaries to give others the opportunity to practice using their voice/power and allow them space to reach out to you themself?

  • We had a group discussion about why we close ourselves off from reaching out or communicating with others. We said it was due to: insecurities or unsupportive inner dialogue, past traumas, and not feeling safe to express ourselves. What makes you feel seen, safe, and heard?


Toni - I step into my power and practice clear communication with myself and others in a variety of ways.

Brittany - I am speaking my truth.

Zoe - I am practicing my personal rituals and connecting to my breath.

Roxanne - I am open to communication, and not judging or bullying myself out of reaching out to others first.

Ariel - I practice connecting to myself and experiencing more community.

Here is the card reading I pulled from The Moon Deck at the end!

My interpretation is: When we connect to nature via the earth and our natural magical breath within our bodies we are balanced, interconnected, and part of the whole. It's a homecoming. We are on the right path and we are divinely guided. Let's thank our ancestors, guides, angels, teachers, and loved ones that came before us for their support in bringing us where we are today. May we take in the abundance and blessings that surround us, pleasures big and small, making space to connect to feelings of satisfaction. I pulled the last card in reverse and this asks us to observe-- What gets in the way of us hearing our inner voice, using our instincts, and intuition? Is it ourselves getting in our own way? Are we self-isolating, locking ourselves up, and starving ourselves from creating or going for what we desire? The questions get deeper.

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Roxanne Garcia
Roxanne Garcia
Jun 04, 2022

Here I am, sitting with dark thoughts again but reading your post has given me a spark of light to get through the day. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am!💕

Toni Quinn
Toni Quinn
Jun 04, 2022
Replying to

Hello Roxanne! 💓

Thanks for coming back to review our recap. I'm happy it has supported you through today! I am beyond thankful for you, your openness, and vulnerability. You have so many strengths! I feel blessed to have you as a part of our group and a part of my life. Fighting! ✊️

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