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New Moon in Aries: April 1, 2022 Recap

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Hello friends!

Thank you for joining me a couple of weeks back at the beginning of March, for our amazing Virtual New Moon Circle gathering! We were a group of 8 and we had an amazing sound healing concert at the end from my dear friend Carolee, of Casa de Prana. It was also my 1 year anniversary holding sacred space, leading the New Moon circles for the Grateful and Giving community here.

Before diving into our Full Moon in Libra that's just around the corner this weekend (Saturday 4/16), here is a recap of the Aries themes and Intentions shared during our New Moon Circle:

Aries Themes: Creation, New Beginnings, Connecting to Playfulness and our Inner Child. Take Action! Make your 12-month plan for the year. Aries energy could be impulsive, so infuse your plans with enthusiasm, fiery drive, and determination. Be courageous and bolder in life. Now is the time! Make time (and literally schedule) to have fun! Aries is the child of the zodiac so connect with your inner child this month. Focus on you. What do you need? What direction are you headed? If you make changes once a year, this is your time to do it now. On your mark, get set… GO!

My Intentions: I let go of fear and trust that I'm fully held and supported. I Identify fears, feelings, emotions, and reactions as a collective experience we share. They don't define me, they inform and direct me. I am not alone.

Intentions from our Group:

Coky - I am of service to others.

Carolee - I am expanding community and our circle of moon sisters.

Gaby - I have the courage to show myself and share my story.

Roxi - I go of fear with self-expression on social media. I am enjoying the process and having fun with it.

Emily - I practice being present, accepting, and appreciative.

Rio - I practice honesty and being okay with doing nothing.

What intentions did you set for the New Moon in Aries? Share them with our Grateful & Giving community here.

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