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Grateful & Giving

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

These words are a personal mantra that helps me to stay grounded and focused as I tend to my health, wellbeing, and personal development. I've kept away for a while as I've immersed myself in exploring these topics. Now I'm ready to open up and share my experience with all things that promote mindfulness, connection, health, and wellbeing.

This past year with the global COVID19 pandemic and The Black Lives Matter movement, we are collectively called to stop and observe.

What patterns of behavior are we stuck in? Due to what beliefs or reactions?

Do I show up for myself? Am I present? In what ways do I commit violence to myself and others? How do I engage in actions that do not support and serve my highest good?

How can we heal as a collective?... If one doesn't endeavor to heal themself?

These are some of the many questions that came up for me during this unprecedented time.

When a shelter in place was issued for national health and safety, I felt a huge feeling of relief that external activity, production, and work were not at the forefront for once.

I finally slowed down and got some peace; much needed time and space to myself.

I connected. I reflected on relationships and events of past years.

I observed my behavior. I learned a lot. I noticed the personal blocks I experience daily that get in the way of me being my true authentic self.

Some of those blocks are:

-Anxieties and Fears

-Working through and healing childhood trauma

-Identifying with the mind

-Identifying with expectations (both self-inflicted and external)

-Dysfunctional Beliefs & Behavior

Grateful & Giving will include lifestyle content such as remedies, recipes, collaborative interviews, along with books and recommended reads to support individuals working through similar challenges.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with healing and working through these blocks over time with ya'll on this blog.

When I slow down, stop, and connect to what I'm grateful for, I connect to the abundant blessings I have in this world.

Practicing this allows me to be consciously aware and intentional with how I

am. This helps me SEE myself, accept myself, and unconditionally love myself and others.

When I practice unconditionally loving myself, I am devoted to my health and wellbeing and I am connected to the divine energy that flows within me. When I experience this, I can identify reactions, judgments, expectations, and distractions that come up for what they are.

These practices along with many other tools and processes, support and guide me to be the most authentic version of myself. When I am devoted to my health and wellbeing, I can unconditionally love and give.

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