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Happy Easter 🐣💜 Heartfelt Updates from T 4/3

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Hello & Happy Easter loves!

I wanted to hop on real quick to thank ya'll for tuning in and being interested in Grateful & Giving. Thank you for tapping into gratitude, self-love, intuition, healing and wellness with me!

I recently did a thing! I playfully collaborated with my friends on @emceemedina's Instagram Live Show earlier this week. It was super new, fun, and a lil nerve-wracking for me but I'm so glad I just did it ^-^.

Tune into MC Medina's 50 Life Hacks on YouTube! Here's a link to my favorite one so far:

+ #9 - Absorb Positivity -

If you're in the Houston area and you're looking for sound healing, yoga and meditation classes, and other holistic resources, check out and visit Casa de Prana!


+ Instagram: @casadeprana

A big part of Grateful & Giving is me consistently practicing vulnerability and showing up so that I can hold space for others to share and do the same. I am working toward building community and support for the womxn in my life. After this fun new experience, I feel inspired and encouraged to share more of my experiences and insights here on my blog.

Reflecting on the recent violence and suffering from Asian American hate... I feel this is yet another sign to do the work. We must lean into this darkness to tap in and connect. We need to go within to bring the love out for us to speak up, and manifest change in our material world.

Condemn hate and create lasting social change donate to AAPI Community Fund.


I'm taking these recent events as a sign to meditate, observe, stop, forgive, let go, act, and transform in our own individual ways. I felt this during the start of the pandemic with Black Lives Matter and it continues. The healing experience is unique and different for each of us. This is your journey to explore, heal, create and grow. I'm here to support you as I do the same.

Think: "Adaptability".

I leave you with this word on my mind because I think it's HOW we navigate, how we act, how we chose to show up and live life every day from here that determines the change we want to see in our world.

If you'd like to join my virtual New Moon Circle coming up next week on Sunday, April 11 for the New Moon in Aries, please make a Member Account here.

Download this app to stay connected with Toni and the group members of Grateful & Giving straight from your phone!

With Love from the Heart,


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