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Happy FULL MOON in Libra Loves!

Howdy Howdy! 🌕

I'm back after taking a mindful break to slowww downnn for much-needed S-P-A-C-E, communion with the sun, (and now) Moon!

Ya'll-- practicing boundaries with the internet, social media, and communications GIVES ME LIFE! I've experienced how helpful it is for self-regulation and balance. You might find it useful too. Do you have a favorite go-to practice or coping activity? If so tell me in the comments below!

This full moon in Libra has an influence on relationships and partnerships. You can reflect upon the relationship you have with yourself, with others, and with the world.

How have ya'll been?

Yoooo I was unpacking our food processor from a box and I had a blade fall from 3 feet up onto my barefoot. Slicing it upon its landing, causing me to form a lil gaping mouth on my left foot right below the base of my big toe. I had to get stitches. I hobbled around in a sock for a week. God and the universe was reminding me that I had intentions to slow down but hadn't done it yet.

Aside from my recovery aha, I've been tapping into the delight of savoring life's little joys every day.

Like practicing my rituals: greeting myself in the mirror each morning, setting intentions, accepting mortality, soaking up the sun, gazing at the sky, marveling at the trees, cuddling and playing with my cats, sweating in the sauna, and dancing to Bossanova because it feels good, and I'm also reading more!

(Thanks for the wonderful book Alexis!)

I'm practicing 100% embodiment and connection to my body from head to toe. This has sharpened my intuition. I'm able to understand what I'm feeling within, from a perspective inside me. Wisdom from within. Instead of putting expectations on my external environment to be balanced or to have the answers. Due to this, I can make conscious informed decisions and actions based on what I'm feeling; instead of getting lost in any emotions and being reactive.

This is most important for me now because I'm currently experiencing a shift in my life (you could definitely call this another death/rebirth for me) and I've been more emotional, worried, and a little fearful this week. I've been able to redirect this and uplift my energy and find peace and calm in the present moment.

To end this juicy update 💦 with a bang, here is a reading I pulled for self-reflection and inspiration on today's full moon from The Moon Deck:

Howling at the Moon with my Angels Beside Me,



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