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Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

Hello beautiful friends!

I'm a couple days late, but I'm learning how to vlog and edit videos now and it's taking some time 😂.

Without further ado, I'm here with our moon musing for the New Moon in Aquarius that happened this Thursday, February 11, 2021!

I'm learning more about astrology as the years go by, and I'll share what I know with you.

I'm still such a beginner, please take what I share with a grain of salt and an open mind.

My approach is general and introductory. If you're just getting into astrology too, PERFECT! Let's learn it together.

The general mood of the moon in Aquarius is a somewhat detached, independent, intellectual, logical, pragmatic, kinda vibe. There is a call to connect with friends and community, to share intentions while creating space for support and holding each other accountable for growth and alignment towards our highest good.

The new moon is mother nature's gift of a blank slate. We all LOVE a 2nd chance!

It's a perfect time to call new ideas, make intentions, and form new habits.

Now's a good time to ask: what do you really, REALLY want?

How can you take small steps to manifest your desires?

Remember you are the creator of your reality!

Please feel free to share your New Moon intentions with me here on the forums.

I am here to hold space, see you, and support your growth!

To add to the energy of this new moon musing, I pulled a card from "The Moon Deck" and got the Sanctuary card!

"My home is a sacred space, full of beauty, inspiration, and protection"

This card invites us to create an altar in your home.

A space or nook where you can cultivate connection and deep presence.

You can sit in silence, breathe, ground, connect to your heart, journal, pray, meditate, create, and DO THE WORK OF A GODDESS all at your altar.

Tend to this space with your own expression and version of sacredness and practice clearing and cleaning the space regularly as well.

You can adorn the space with colors, photos, stones, crystals, candles, a book, or flowers, to infuse your space with energy. Include anything sentimental and important to you.

Make sure these items uplift you and raise your vibrational frequency.

You can also display a vision board or box in or near this space as a physical representation of your intentions. I created a vision box with my friend Camille a couple of weeks ago!

I'll make a blog post soon sharing how mine came out.




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