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Join me Next Week: New Moon in Gemini Virtual Moon Circle

Hello Friends!👋

How have you been? It's June! It's SUMMER.☀️

Austin has gotten a lot of rainstorms lately... I feel the humidity and heat!

I had a restful memorial day weekend. What did you do? I actually napped. Two consistent days in a row! I'm proud ^.^ It wasn't even the conscious kind of nap. It was the... I was feeling calm, relaxed and peaceful and just fell asleep right there kind of nap.

I'm the person that likes to think... "I'll sleep when I'm dead. I like seizing the day, practicing a ritual or two, completing a variety of tasks, working when needed, and going out for a walk during the golden hour before the sun goes down. That's my ideal day and I've had the pleasure of having an abundance of those days recently.

I feel fresh energy coming up. :) I can't wait to connect and learn more about what's going on with you! What fresh new beginnings are coming your way? What have you realized recently? What have you cleared and let go of? What are you making space for?

Share your intentions for this next month ahead with me and my womxn friends this Thursday June 10th at 7:30 PM CST on Zoom! If you're interested in joining, please comment below. I will also email invitations to site members.

Here's a reading I pulled from The Moon Deck to give us some vibes~~

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