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Learn How Self-Regulation can Help You be Your Best Self!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Happy Sunday!

In my recent vlog, I mention how I've gifted all my site subscribers like you an e-book, "Unshakeable You: How to Self Regulate During Life's Challenging Moments" from coach and author, Kidest Om!

Her book is a short 31 page read and apparently can be read in about 20-30 minutes if you really want to!

This woman speaks so much truth and wisdom regarding topics like mindset, consciousness, life mastery, and resilience... that I had to stop and take breaks reading this book to let the info process and integrate within me.

This book is helping me SEE things in my life and shows me how I can easily slip in, connect, and embody myself to work through challenges that naturally arise daily.

I learned about this book when I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts EVER: "Feed Your Wild" with Venessa Rodriguez!

Taken from her website,, Venessa is... "an intuitive guide, functional nutritionist, and practitioner of nature-based practices rooted in ancestral wisdom.

She's a coach that helps support healers, helpers, and change-makers connect to their intuition and soul path so they can experience more clarity, confidence, and impact when sharing their gifts with others in the world."

I've been mentored by Venessa this past year, and it's helped me work through personal traumas and blocks. It's helped me realize my calling to use my voice to communicate and share my story while creating a safe space for my womxn friends to do the same.

I'll create a couple of posts in the future sharing more about the benefits of asking for help or support, and I'll share more about my experience working with a mentor.

Please enjoy listening to this nourishing conversation between Venessa and Kidest which inspired me to gift this book to you! I've listened to this episode about 6 times already and always find new nuggets of information.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the episode:

(Regarding encountering blocks, challenges, and stuckness)

"Know there's nothing WRONG with you, just the program you're running is. You at your core are beautiful, abundant, divinity, and perfection. Where you need to bring some change, something new, is to your conditioning. It's in the programs you've been operating."

"Letting your mind run with a negative story (in life) is an exercise in disowning your seat of authorship"

Uhhhhh can I say mic drop x2??!

Please enjoy this episode as I truly have.

Let me know in the comments what resonates with you!

Happy Listening and Reading,


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