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My First VLOG ;D

Thank ya'll for your survey answers! I'm excited to roll out my offerings these next few weeks!

For example, I'm thinking of hosting a virtual vision box night (sorta like a vision board) event on zoom this Friday January 19th at 6:00-7:30pm for whoever is interested and available to join! Stay tuned for event details.

If you like what I'm sharing, please create a member profile account here on my website so you can like, comment, and participate in future discussions on the site and in the forums!

Also, don't forget to subscribe with your email address to get updates for when I post!

This is especially important because for now, this is a private group and I won't be uploading ALL the content on my personal social profiles like IG and Facebook.

I will try my best to inform you when something new is up, but subscribing with your email address is the best way to stay updated. :)

Thank You!



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