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New Moon in Cancer Recap: Connecting to our Vulnerability with Nurture and Care

Happy Cancer Season!

It's been about a week since the New Moon in Cancer. How has the month felt for you?

Our New Moon Circle was a beautiful gathering. Thank you to all that attended! What made it special was how I invited my husband Josh to lead an activity for our group. After sharing the Cancer themes for the month ahead, we all sat together and practiced Metta Bhavana, a loving-kindness meditation. This meditation holds a special place in our hearts because it was one of the first official meditations Josh and I experienced immediate benefits from. Then, we each shared our intentions and manifestations for the month. We are happy to announce we will alternate between offering breathwork and loving-kindness meditation as regular activities for each New Moon Circle going forward.

Here are some of the Cancer themes to lean into and explore more deeply this July:

Themes: Connect with Family, (or your Chosen Family), and Home. Notice and banish your insecurities. You are enough! Do you notice if you're operating from a place of worry or fear? Practice actively loving, appreciating, and including what is already here. Do not judge. All is welcome here even the tough and challenging parts. We all have soft vulnerabilities we may want to hide or we try to protect. Can you identify barriers or walls you've put up that you can break through? Balance your moods and inner state by creating space. This is best achieved through meditative practices. Nurture yourself and get in touch with your caring side. How can you be the mother or father you've always needed for yourself? Can you nurture your traumas and begin healing your wounds? Review your goals from the beginning of the year and evaluate how things are playing out for you now. The New Moon in Cancer happens in the half, midway point of the year. Commune with water to unwind. Indulge in a bath or refreshing swim. Go Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, or go float the river. Brilliance and revelations come when you are in flow and are ready to receive.


Josh - I am organizing and updating operations for my business Mindful Training.

Toni - I am practicing presence.

Emily - I am connecting with family and making progress with my plans and goals.

Roxanne - I am connecting with family and practicing connecting to and loving myself.

Tami - I am learning to forgive, let go, and let myself grow.

Looking forward to gathering again in 3 weeks for our next New Moon in Leo on Thursday, July 28th!

With Love,


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