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New Moon in Sagittarius Recap 12/23/2022

Hello Goddesses!

Thank Ya'll for joining our Virtual New Moon Circle last week on Wednesday November 23rd.

It was wonderful to host new guests: Dani, Nathaly, Lisa, and Avona. Welcome to our circle!

The fun, adventurous, Sagittarian energy was palpable as our main themes of discussion revolved around being inspired to take risks and step out of our comfort zones to expand and broaden our perspective. Creating the important space to make our life dreams come true! When we discover a block and notice we are held back by a comfort zone, that acts as our checkpoint of growth and proof we're ready to expand.

The changes and expansion we experience in our lives allow us to open up and receive divine guidance, wisdom, and abundance. This happens when we are aligned, and we engage in what matters most to us.

I asked these discussion questions to the group:

  1. What do you consider to be your North Star / Highest Motivation?

  2. What big or small act can you engage in this week that is aligned to your broader life goals?

A lot of us in the group mentioned community, connection, and service as our North Star / highest motivators. When discussing what we could engage in this week we said: take time off and make space, step out of our comfort zones, make foundational business plans, bettering ourselves to teach those around us, opening our hearts, and being ready to receive.

Below are more themes that can arise and be present during a New Moon in Sagittarius.

Themes: Traveling or planning a getaway can help you get a fresh new perspective that will help remind you of how blessed you truly are. Study to gain new skills! It may seem like a drag at times (because of the added workload), but it's an investment in yourself that leads to more work opportunities, cash flow, and abundance. Have fun and take risks! Does your life have a balance of both? Lastly, take this time to turn any complaining, moanin' and groanin' or feelings of unsatisfaction around and practice gratitude. "The secret to life is knowing you're blessed and to live your life with that knowing."

Then we did breathwork together and shared our intentions:


Carolee - I connect to the flow of abundance, land, and Earth. I continue collaborating and being the best I can be as well as take care of my body.

Emily - I am setting the foundations for my business and life as a future mom. I finalize my plans in December.

Nathaly - I am starting my master's degree and am doing well. I am finding love and balance. I am happy and joyful.

Monica - I am an inspiration and do the work. I trust the process and continue working on this Moon Goddess project.

Lisa - I am confident and calm in myself and in my spirit. I am in service.

Toni - I bring in more balance and grace.

Here are a few other juicy quotes I heard last week in Brachia Goldsmith's Astrology reading while preparing for our circle. They definitely tap into the Sag vibes we have for us in the month ahead! :

"Enthusiasm is a volcano on who's top never grows the grass of hesitation" - Unknown

"Be calmly active and actively calm" - Yoga Nanda

"I'm the prince of peace, sitting on the throne of poise, directing the kingdom"- Unknown

Looking forward to meeting on our next New Moon Circle on Friday, December 23rd.

Much Love,


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