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Throwback Thursday

Hello Friends :)

(The gorgeous Moon peeking through the trees earlier this week)

I haven't logged on in a minute. Dog training has taken off and I went riding the waves with it. I am grateful for blessings of abundance 🙏🏾. Now I'm back. Before the upcoming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus tomorrow, I want to share a throwback!

Here is the card reading I pulled from The Moon Deck for the New Moon in Scorpio that happened two weeks ago, back on Nov. 4, 2021.

SHINE - This card is about womxn rising together celebrating our differences and our inherent sameness. It's about admiring the other as ourselves. Connecting to each other as a reflection of our own beauty allows us to be inspired by each other and move away from the toxic comparison that only isolates and makes us feel inadequate. Radiate conscious love and share your warmth with someone else today. This will free you, uplift you both, and increase your magnetism.

COLLABORATION - Open yourself up to co-creating with others. Invite joy and magic to happen in your life. Learn, expand, and grow together. Life is FUN for living and loving 🥰. Experiences are fabulous when shared and savored together.

EXPANSION - You are ready to spread your wings and fly! Take a moment to steep in gratitude and experience it in your body. How does it feel to be guided, happy, thankful, and satisfied to be where you are now? You are receiving the fruits of your efforts. Aligning to the frequency of gratefulness and resonating it from within attracts more appreciation, joy, and beauty into your life resulting in more satisfaction. Everyone loves a win FUCKING win situation 😏💯

WORTH - We are amazingly unique, valid, and valuable just the way we are. Despite this truth, it's common that many of us have developed a fierce inner critic. (Maybe because we perceived picking off pieces of ourselves--making us smaller as a more satisfying thing rather than facing fear and freeing ourselves; being expansive and seen authentically the way we are) This voice has influence do not try to ignore it or hide it. Instead, notice it acknowledge it and change unhealthy, dysfunctional, thought patterns to something more positive, satisfying, supporting, and uplifting instead.

I'll be back tomorrow wif some Full Moon Eclipse vibes. 💋



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