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Tapping Into the Power of Ritual

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

While intentions are naturally on my mind at the beginning of a new year, rituals are something I'm actively practicing this year in order to connect to my intentions and make transformation and change happen in my life daily.

Here are the 2 new morning rituals I'm practicing:

  1. Morning Visualization & Verbalizing Intentions

Before getting out of bed or before doing any task for the day--

Visualize how you can live your day authentically and in life-affirming ways.

Saying any intentions for your day out loud to yourself.

(I like to do this with my eyes closed while holding the palms of my hands together at my heart. This helps me actively engage to my love, wisdom, and grace within, living life heart-forward and not with the mind. Only using the mind to make decisions for my highest good when needed.)

Since this practice is new for me, I'm still adjusting to making sure this is the FIRST thing I do before getting out of bed. I haven't remembered to actually do it IN BED yet aha!

I'm working on it. :P

2. Mirror Work

After doing the visualization and verbalizing intentions exercise, I head to a mirror to greet myself in the morning.

Look into your eyes at a mirror.

Say whatever you feel you need to hear that day. Only you truly know.

Or you can practice saying what I say:

"Hello! I see you, I'm grateful for you, and I love you."

Give yourself a smile, hug, or any compliments. Whatever you feel you need!

Remember to have fun and embody love and joy while doing this and then go on to live your day.

Practicing connection and self-love is a fundamental aspect of my healing.

It is important for me to practice this in order to connect to myself and feel seen by ME.

This helps me connect to the fact that I'm the sole author of my experience. I say how it goes. I choose how I'll be. Self-love is the fuel that helps address any dysfunctional programming or conditioning in my behavior.

This practice is truly helping me show up presently and actively these days!

I notice I'm able to identify dysfunctionalities within me more as I practice mindfulness in my life and engage in becoming an observer to realize ways I'm not living as my best self.

This helps me minimize any emotional reactions to my discoveries not allowing them to depress my energy. I avoid feelings of shame, guilt, and unworthiness when I do this because I lead with love!

Self-love also helps address any negative languaging occurring in the thoughts my mind is producing so I don't identify with them. This stops them from playing on a loop keeping me trapped or stuck in a funk, instead of in an open and expansive state.

To be honest, I've only done these practices for 3 days now but they have me feeling GREAT, I feel like my energy is vibrating on an efficient and elevated level!

Talk about dem good vibes FER SURE!


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