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You are the Creator of Your Reality // Vision Box

Howdy Friends!

Now that I've shared how a burning ritual can help you let go and release what isn't working for you and your highest good, I'm back with a complimentary activity.

Today I'm showing you how creating a vision box can help you mindfully integrate your intentions. It's perfect because we have our next New Moon in 2 days, this Saturday, May 13th!

This activity is fun, creative, and by giving it your conscious effort, you can experience a boost to your intention setting and self-development over the next month and over years to come.

Once made, keep your vision box where you can see it and have access to it. This can be at your desk, in your altar space, or anywhere special and sacred to you. View it any time you may need reminders or when you feel you need to refocus. Edit and change it anytime you are reinventing yourself or going through a time of transformation.

How to Create a Vision Box

  1. Gather a box, paint, glue, pictures, old magazines, markers, papers, cards, stickers, and other creative items for decorating. Be resourceful and use items you already have.

  2. Start decorating your box or start creating the collage cards that represent your intentions that will go in your box.

  3. When creating your collage cards use images or words that align with your life's greatest desires. You can expand upon your intentions and get specific on the back of each card. Once these cards are completed, stack them in an order of importance, priority, or any order that holds meaning to you.

You can expand on the back of each card with notes like this:

Here's a closer look at the collage cards I created for my vision box with a few sentences expanding on each intention.

Elevate - Commit to living in life-affirming ways for my best self. Bring out the best in me, so I can do so for others. Ask yourself, what do you really want?" often. What would acknowledging your greatness allow you to open up to?

Accountability - I am devoted to my wellbeing. I show up to do my best. I practice connection, self-love, and embodiment so my true authentic self can come out! Practice your daily rituals. Hold family and friends accountable for their wellbeing out of love. BOUNDARIES. Have at least 1 hour to myself in the morning. Make time to read more in the afternoon/evening. Stop all extracurricular communications and conversations by 8pm.

Enhance - Enhance, Balance, Breathe. Practice morning rituals. Go for walks and runs often. Get energy moving through my body! Do grounding and earthing practices at least once a week. Connect to Akashic Records and guides 1-2x a month. Practice yoga, meditation, and prayer.

Embody - Practice fully inhabiting my body and being from the top to the bottom (head to my toes) 100% embodied. This helps me process emotions and energies that arise in every day life. I can feel the feelings that come up and then engage in action to RESPOND to them and not get stuck in a funk! Use my body to express and move through feeling and emotion in a therapeutic way with DANCE. Explore self expression with a few more tattoos that remind me I'm authentically myself and no one else! ;p

Nourish - Connect and honor my vessel, my temple, my body. Feed, nurture, and nourish it to energize, transform, and grow. Eat simply, local, and organic when possible. HOME COOKING. Make homemade snacks and take supplements. Practice conscious eating. Give thanks; say prayer or grace. Reduce consumption of meat and coffee. Eat foods that are ALIVE. Drink more water.

Home - Continue saving funds for land and building a container home in the future. Honor & Cleanse: wipe and dust surfaces, keep up with chores like dishes and laundry, deep clean restroom, vacuum floors, decorate the sunroom and purchase shelving. ORGANIZE. Let go and donate items that I don't use or no longer bring me joy.

Be Sweet - Practice feeling and expressing love and affection. I put stickers of some of the BTS members on this card because they're always so loving and sweet to each other. Allow yourself to bloom and change. Embrace and hug hubby more. Kiss his neck and tell him you love him often. Listen to others. DON'T GIVE ADVICE. Ask good questions. Be curious. Give space. Give sincere compliments and affirmation. Share abundance. Admit it when times are tough and things are difficult.

Community - Be a resource. Engage in service by showing up, using my voice, and practicing vulnerability as strength through the Grateful & Giving blog. "Namaste" the light in me sees and acknowledges the light in you. Elevate and lift women up. Build the Grateful & Giving community. Ask questions. Go DEEPER. Remember this will be a process, like a tree or a plant that grows."Rome wasn't built in a day."

Develop Skills - Learn more about content creation. All things blog/vlog, IG, Tik Tok, video editing, and photography. Dive into more intuitive training, gut health, crystal and stone healing, and learn how to do Akashic record readings for others. Explore Reiki when the time is right after developing the skills I've already listed first.

The finishing piece to my vision box is this photo of downtown Austin I clipped from a local publication. It reminds me of this joke I have, that"I'm the MAYOR of this city!"I say that playfully because I do a lot of driving here and I like to explore every nook and cranny. This is also a reminder for me that I create my reality and this is MY WORLD I'm living in. With all its abundance, blessings, magic, and challenges, I transform. I can dream and experience true limitless possibilities when I act as the protagonist in my story and when I don't keep myself small. This photo sits at the back of my box as a backdrop...and that's it!

This completes my "How to Create a Vison Box" post! Thank you for following along and reading this far. I truly encourage ya'll to express yourself and get creative. Try this amazing activity! If you love it, it can be part of your own rituals for the New Moon, or whenever you're setting intentions.

If you make one, I'd love to catch a glimpse of how yours come out!

Send me some pics of your box or include them in the comments below!

Sincerely from my Heart💗,



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