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Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit German Torrent

i have a question regarding the "7 ultimate" key; why is it "region of issues"? i just bought a new dell laptop (upgraded from vista home premium) and i tried to install the win7 ultimate key on it, with the same key that i tried before on the hp laptop (i had the same problem with the hp laptop). but this time the installer just keeps saying "cannot activate this product. the product key does not match the software license on the system" and it never finishes the installation. i tried to verify the cd using winverify in my laptop and it just says that the cd is fine. what could be the problem?

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit German Torrent


hi tried to activate windows 7 ultimate x64 install using the windows 7 ultimate x64 key on my dell comes up with the error code 0x800706d0, 0x80070057 this can mean the key is not signed or the license file has changed since your last install. i have attempted to re-download the files for the key to no avail, i have also tried to install/activate using the fully registered version of windows 7 ultimate 32 bit german from the microsoft website but this doesn't work either. i have been trying to figure this out for over a week with no success. please do let me know what other steps need to be taken to resolve this issue.

hello, this is really frustrating because i need to use this key to get the pro version of windows 7 and i can't because i don't have the original key, i tried to use the ultimate key for my 8gb usb key, but it wont work and when it does i get a 0x80070630 error code.

okay i have run into a problem. i had a laptop with 7 ultimate and i wiped the hard drive and installed win7 ultimate pro. then i copied the key from the laptop with 7 ultimate pro and tried to activate the win7 ultimate pro and it wouldn't work. it keeps saying the key is not known or it's not valid. but i have a cd with 7 ultimate pro on it and i can activate it.


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