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Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank [2011] DVDRip H264

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank [2011] DVDRip H264

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank) is a 2011 Filipino satirical comedy film directed by Marlon Rivera and written by Chris Martinez. It stars Eugene Domingo as a fictionalized version of herself, who is approached by three film-school graduates who want to make an Oscar-worthy film about the plight of a poor mother and her son living in the Payatas dumpsite. The film mocks the clichés and conventions of Filipino independent cinema, as well as the pretensions and ambitions of aspiring filmmakers.


The film was a critical and commercial success, winning several awards at local and international film festivals, including the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, the Asian Film Awards, and the Busan International Film Festival. It was also selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.


The film follows the pre-production process of Jocelyn (Cai Cortez), Rainier (Kean Cipriano), and Bingbong (JM de Guzman), three film-school graduates who are determined to make an Oscar-worthy film. They have written a script titled Walang-wala (Nothingness), which tells the story of Mila (Eugene Domingo), a mother who sells her son to a pedophile for money. They plan to shoot the film in a realistic style, using non-professional actors and natural lighting, in order to capture the harsh realities of poverty.

They visit Eugene Domingo, a popular and versatile actress, to offer her the role of Mila. Eugene agrees to do the film, but she has her own ideas on how to portray the character. She suggests that Mila should be more glamorous, sympathetic, and heroic, and that the film should have musical numbers, flashbacks, and voice-overs. She also wants to have a love interest, preferably played by a handsome actor like Piolo Pascual or John Lloyd Cruz.

The filmmakers also scout for locations in the Payatas dumpsite, where they meet Arthur (Jonathan Tadioan), a real-life scavenger who agrees to play Mila's son. They are shocked by the living conditions of the people in the area, and they try to exploit their misery for their film. They also encounter various problems and challenges, such as security issues, budget constraints, and artistic differences.

The film alternates between reality and fantasy, as it shows different versions of Walang-wala based on the suggestions and opinions of Eugene and the filmmakers. The film ends with a twist that reveals the true nature of their project.


  • Eugene Domingo as herself / Mila

  • JM de Guzman as Bingbong

  • Kean Cipriano as Rainier

  • Cai Cortez as Jocelyn

  • Jonathan Tadioan as Arthur

  • Mercedes Cabral as Mila (musical version)

  • Cherry Pie Picache as Mila (documentary version)


Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its witty and hilarious script, its clever parody of indie filmmaking, and its brilliant performance by Eugene Domingo. It was also commended for its social commentary and its critique of the Philippine film industry.

The film was a box office hit, earning over 100 million pesos in its theatrical run. It was also screened in various international film festivals, where it garnered acclaim and recognition. It won 10 awards at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, and Audience Choice Award. It also won Best Actress at the Asian Film Awards for Eugene Domingo, Best Film at the New Currents section of the Busan International Film Festival, and NETPAC Award at the Brisbane International Film Festival.



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