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Happy First Full Moon of the Year 🌝! - Full Moon in Cancer ♋🦀

Hello! the full moon in Cancer is here with us and we are invited to go inward and rest.

OMG! Is that what you've been wanting to hear? Has that been on your mind too?! 😄

We're still in the middle of winter. A time of cold, hibernation, and stillness.

Have we made time to rest and recalibrate? Have we connected to ourselves?

Do we know what we want? Let's balance our focus on intentions, motivation, new results, and resolutions along with what grounds and nourishes us.

I've been watching the moon like I do and here are more of my recent captures:

January is off to a good start. I've been moon gazing, journaling, and I met with a couple of my friends and we shared our New Moon intentions together. I also finally replaced the tiny batteries for my car keys.

When the Full Moon hit yesterday, I realized despite my intentions, my mind and energy were entangled and focused on others in my life. I noticed it hadn't felt like I fully connected to my own self the way I wanted to for the first month of this year. That's full moon magic right there. Shining light on the truth revealing more of what I didn't know and couldn't see... until now. This is an old thread of mine where I get validation and my sense of "being" from the people in my life and the relationships I have with them. Now I see and am reminded again that I can prioritize, be, and express my true self first before contributing to my role as a daughter, close friend, guide, or teacher. I get stuck thinking about how much I care about my community and how much I want to make an impact that I forget that I'm already contributing and making an impact.

What have you realized or noticed? What has changed or shifted for you?

I wanted this post to be a lil profound and flashy since it's one of the first ones from this year... but honestly, I'm pretty happy and satisfied right now. Even if I have this huge monster pile of laundry to go fold once I'm done typing this. I'm glad things are ever-changing and evolving and I'm glad my intentions are refining themselves as the weeks go by.

Here is a wellness wheel! Which parts or sections help you feel most grounded and nourished? What could you use more of? Which sections do you need to invest more time in? Personally, I need to work on my environmental and physical wellness.

Alrightyyy off I goooo to fold!

Goodnight Friends!



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