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The Process of Becoming

Let us not get so focused on the goal, product, or the fruit and relish and feel satisfied with what's becoming and unfolding now. Photos...

New Moon in Sagittarius

Hello Friends! It's been a while 😌 I'm sharing themes for our recent New Moon in Sagitarrius which happened on Saturday, Dec. 4th. I...

Coming out of the dark

Woah. I've kept myself busy and feeling productive to avoid admitting I was mourning a loss. One of my doors closed. I was passionately...

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

Hello beautiful friends! I'm a couple days late, but I'm learning how to vlog and edit videos now and it's taking some time 😂. Without...

My First VLOG ;D

Thank ya'll for your survey answers! I'm excited to roll out my offerings these next few weeks! For example, I'm thinking of hosting a...

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Happy Easter 🐣💜! Heartfelt Updates from T 4/21
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