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Happy FULL Moon in Pisces! 🌕♓

Hello my friends!

Apologies for my recent absence. I went through a challenging month with a recent move and adjustments at all of my many jobs. Also the imposter syndrome hit me hard and I put posting and sharing on the back burner. I didn't sacrifice the connection though. I'm very grateful I've kept in close contact with my friends Gaby and Emily during this time 💞. I've also started reconnecting with my godsister Jasmin, and I feel like my relationships with both of my parents have improved. We're all going through challenge, struggle, and loss but we can help support each other and that's why I'm showing up to do a full moon musing tonight.

Full Moon in Pisces - A full moon in Pisces is mysterious, mystical, magical, spiritual, intuitive, and emotional. Nature and this full moon invite us to get out of our minds and into our bodies to tune inward. Using our wisdom to find balance between our duties and our inner peace.

Here are some great journal questions that channel more of the full moon in Pisces vibe:

  • What does work-life balance look like for you? What are the pros and cons of it?

  • Describe your current or ideal spiritual practice.

  • What does the phrase "protecting my peace" mean to you in close relationships?

  • What are you ready to release this full moon?

* Questions from @AlinaAlive on Youtube

  • Have I been too dreamy to the point of not getting enough done?

  • Have I been taking anything too seriously or too personally?

  • Have I been keeping up with practices and rituals?

  • Have I been in touch with my intuitive side? Am I following my dreams and hunches?

I also pulled us a card reading from The Moon Deck to celebrate this full moon!

Here's my interpretation:

Fear is here. Now is the time to face it, transform and move forward. It's not something we can put off anymore because "it's too stressful to think about". We all experience it, let's do something about it and respond to it. Let's be responsible. These past two years have been times where we reassess our lives and our purpose. These two years are asking us to prioritize and get real. Fox is here to remind us of our natural wisdom and intuition. Remember, we are abundantly blessed and adaptable in the face of any obstacle. Collaboration is key and we are invited to indulge in this sacred tool that births change. Lean into community and grow together; leaving no one behind. Our angels, ancestors, and guides are calling on us to practice gratitude. Pause and take a deep breath. What are you truly grateful for? Spend time noticing how this feels in your body. Connect to this precious energy that is gratitude. Sit and practice for a few minutes every day. Steep in gratitude like mindfully steeping tea and share it.

xoxo From my open heart to yours💗,


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