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Happy New Moon in Leo & 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal

Hiiiiii my loves 🦁♌~~~

Here's a quick peek at my altar set up this evening on the new moon.

Snake - I shed habits that hinder my truth, I release and renew.

I was trapped in a low vibrational loop this past month.

Ancestors - I celebrate my lineage and honor my ancestors.

I experienced blaming others in my life when they've only done the best they can and that's gotten me where I'm at on my own path where I can do the best I can.

Resistance - I meet Resistance with Kindness

I can't resist transformation and can take everyday steps to develop anew.


Tiger's Eye - Golden yellow band with black stripes. Known to protect and release anxiety and fears. Stimulates taking action, passion in life, courage, self-confidence, and inner strength. Lucky stone/crystal.

Citrine - A crystal stone associated with mental clarity, wellbeing, and manifesting abundance especially financial abundance, stimulates creativity, and activates balancing chakras and our energy through our sacral chakra. This is the 2nd chakra that can be blocked by fear. Like fearing "death" to be exact. This chakra is connected to our passion, creativity, money, and joy and can allow us to improve our relationship with ourselves and others.

Carnelian - Also associated with the sacral chakra. Has bold energy, and represents endurance and leadership. Can help with grounding and motivation and overcoming negative thought patterns. Can improve concentration and enhance sexual energy.

Selenite Points - Tha OG crystal with purifying energy. When points are directed upward, it clears away negative low vibrational energies. Brings in light and higher, clear, vibrations.

My main intention this lunar cycle is to be courageous! What's yours?

Share with us here on my forum.

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