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Hello my beautiful friends!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Happy 2021 and welcome to my revamped blog, Grateful & Giving!

If you are reading this, you've been exclusively invited to join me with my womxn* friends in creating an intimate community where we can connect and grow together.

I've spent the last few years exploring my own development and healing and I feel ready to open up and share my experience with you! Maybe you've felt similar things, or maybe you're working on something in your life that you'd like some support in... here's the space for that!

I'd like to take this moment to express how I'm grateful for all of YOU, my womxn friends who've held space for me throughout many moments of my life. You've been by my side along the way - even if we aren't physically together in the same city, talk daily, or see each other often.

I miss connecting with each and every one of you and I'm creating this space for us to do so in an intimate way online. While staying away from traditional social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

I feel this call to tap into loving feminine energy and I can't do that alone.

I know I need ya'll for that!

Given the past events that happened in 2020, I feel called and ready to create this space and share what works for me every day. I hope to inspire you to do the same. I can't wait to connect and learn what works for you and look forward to sharing it with the group.

I've had a desire to use my voice to create a space like this for years now, but kept experiencing distractions and personal individual blocks that stopped me.

During this global pandemic, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to literally slow down observe and accept my own personal challenges. This allowed me to create space to face my anxieties and fears. This blog is an active way I can do that with all of you.

I would love ya'lls collaboration! I look forward to sharing and highlighting our collective experiences and perspectives regarding health and wellbeing.

If you want to work together on a future post soon, text me, DM me on Instagram, or send me an email at

Can't wait to chat again soon!

xoxo Love,


** Footnotes **

Womxn: Intersectional Feminist term for the word without spelling "man" and includes transgender and nonbinary individuals.

This word is pronounced exactly like "women" except it's spelled with an "X" instead of an "E".

As a queer nonbinary individual, I look forward to sharing the stories and perspectives of fellow womxn friends who identify within the same spectrum.

Please visit this page from to learn more about the importance and influence of intersectional feminism in our world today.

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