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Hope ya'll had a Happy New Moon in Taurus♉!

The new moon in Taurus was earlier this week on Tuesday, May 11th.

I hosted a virtual new moon circle via zoom with my friend, Stevie!

Woo! 2nd moon circle down. I'll be hosting a cycle that consists of 13 total moon circles- so there are 11 more to go! I look forward to having new friends join each month!

The theme from our night was "choosing freedom over fear and trusting we are held".

My intentions for this new lunar month are:

  1. Connect and go inward. Restart practices and rituals.

  2. Eat consciously

  3. Exercise and get moving more

  4. Keep self in higher frequency emotions: gratitude, joy, compassion, wonder, relaxation etc.

What are yours? Share them with me and the community here on the forums!


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