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Moon Deck Reading - New Moon in Libra 🌑♎

Hi Friends!

I'm here to share the energies of the New Moon in Libra which we just experienced.

New Moon in Libra, there's a call to balance, harmony, and peace. How are you relating to others-- the important people in your life? Do your relationships need harmonization or negotiation? Is there something you can change for the better? Connect to beauty and what makes you feel gorgeous and abundant. The image we present to the world says a lot about us. Regaining a clear sense of identity is supported right now. Has your authentic self gotten lost or overshadowed by something/one/by beliefs or expectations? How would you be if you had no fears, self-doubt, or fear of judgment?

I shared these themes and questions with my friends in our virtual New Moon Circle I've hosted every month. If you're wanting to go deeper, join us!

Here's a reading I pulled from The Moon Deck:

Prayer - When sadness, depression, fears, and other low-frequency thoughts and emotions come we need support and direction. We can call out and pray. Or we can have a moment where we mindfully practice sitting in gratitude. When we forget to practice prayer, this can be a sign of disconnecting from our own power, our greater purpose, and our connection to spirit. Our individual experiences and paths to prayer are unique and deepen with the willingness and sincerity we bring to it. What can we be devotional to and show up consistently for?

Purpose - We are beings with unlimited potential -- ever-evolving. If we create space we can experience awareness to accept what our purpose is for us and step into our truth and gifts. This awareness grows through the love we give ourselves, and when we practice dissolving our feelings of the small self, self-doubt, and defeat. Connect to yourself and your intuition all the answers you need are within you.

Intimacy - Relationships teach us lessons in love and challenge us to go deeper. However, when we explore the depth of loving ourselves and drop into our hearts, and practice nurturing ourselves, we heal blocks to intimacy and closeness. We may be blocked due to whatever traumas we experienced in the past. We practice vulnerability and open our hearts and share more deeply with another.



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