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My Full Moon Musing for 1/28/21

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

(View of the moon tonight, Saturday 1/30/21 Austin, TX , outside of my apartment)

Happy Full Mooon babes!

This full moon on Thursday the 28th, was in Leo!! I'm learning that every two and a half days, as the moon moves it moves through different astrological houses.

I'm learning the significance of this and how it can affect our energies on different days. On the day of this posting Saturday, 1/30/21, the moon is now in Virgo. However, we are STILL experiencing the full moon phase and its energies as it's technically the 2nd day after the full moon.

TBH, You don't need to know all the nitty-gritty moon details to appreciate that a month has gone by.

How have you changed and grown since last month? What else in your life can use your careful, loving attention, or nurturing? How would you like to see that manifest and come to life next month?

Watch my 2nd vlog and tune into what's been on my mind this week!

I was planning to post this sooner (yesterday), but was too focused on crafting my very own vision box with my friend Camille over zoom!

Whenever we need to refocus or reinvent ourselves, we can reorganize and update these boxes to reflect what we envision for our best selves. I'll share a glimpse of how my box turned out soon!

Grateful 4 U,


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