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New Moon in Taurus: April 30, 2022 Recap

Updated: May 18, 2022

Hello beautiful souls!

Since our gathering on the new moon two weeks ago, How have you been?

Has much changed since then? If it has, here is the recap of what we discussed.

Just in time before our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio tomorrow!

Taurus Themes: Taurus season is an ideal time to foster financial literacy. Evaluate where you stand financially now and where you want to be in a year from now. Can you save more and invest? Tap into your self-worth and self-love. What do you value and does your lifestyle reflect these values? Stimulate your senses and relax! Get embodied and enjoy what you find pleasurable. Wind down and give yourself permission to take things efficiently and slowly as this will be how you can persevere and achieve your goals.


Toni - Community, connection, storytelling, self-expression, wellbeing, healing, support, service, and loving.

Emily - Time, relationships, friends, family, cooking, and food.

Zoe - Stewardship, balance, purpose, self-introspection, and community.

Roxanne - Willingness to learn, practicing acceptance, and balance.

Rio - Honesty, honoring self, responsibility, healing, romanticizing small everyday pleasures.

Here is the card reading I pulled from The Moon Deck. I actually pulled the first and last card reversed. I interpret it as let's get curious and see how are we blocking our financial abundance, movement, healing, and our self-worth? We must remember we are like the Lion and we are courageous, steady, and strong. When we feel isolated, misunderstood, and unseen, we are not connected to our collective experience as human beings. We all feel emotions. We can recognize them but we don't have to become them. Remember we are not alone.

My Intentions: I practice acceptance and self-forgiveness so that I may experience grace. I let go of thinking I need to be more than who I am and feeling like I am not enough.

Intentions from our Group:

Emily - I am setting specific goals, getting organized, and not making excuses.

Zoe - I am keeping promises to myself while being gentle. I am coming back to my breath and stillness during emotional dysregulation.

Roxanne - I am facing my fears, accepting challenges, and I am forgiving myself.

Rio - I am finding my inner child, telling her she doesn't have to hide anymore. She's safe now and I am healing her.

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