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Welcoming Change & Creating Momentum: New Moon in Aquarius

As winter weather rolls into my part of Texas and the raindrops and puddles freeze outside, I enjoy this moment of canceled appointments, rest, and reflection.

How is your New Moon in Aquarius? The themes of this new moon are about getting clear with what we do want and what we don't. It's time to detach and let go of what doesn't serve us. How can we step into our truth and authentic expression of our whole selves? Who are we and who do we become when we are inventive, creative, expressive, and care less about society's norms? Can we welcome change? Now is a time to check in with those we hold dear and close. Connect with friends and our social circles. How can we get together for a common purpose? Can we build momentum?

We can do that by working with the lunar phases! This last virtual new moon circle I hosted was the cherry on top! It was such a delicious manifestation of the work and effort I poured into this blog since last year. It gives me energy and motivation to show up today. It's not *THE* only reason why I show up though. I must remember I've got the power and that I am a creator. Who co-creates with other creators. We are the solution - not simply just consumers.

With that said, here are the cards I pulled from The Moon Deck during the new moon circle and here are my interpretations of them:

Rest - Embrace rest and indulge in how simple daily rituals like making tea or coffee, practicing yoga and meditation, or journaling and writing can help nurture and recharge yourself from within. Recently, I've enjoyed getting out of my head and into my body through giving myself lymphatic facial massages with a jade roller once or twice a day.

Sensuality - It is safe to express my sensuality AND vulnerability. It is important to connect and reflect. Do I feel connected to this wise, intuitive, part of myself? Do I have safe space to do this with others? Or is it repressed? It is common to find that this part of us may be unbalanced and could use tending to and healing.

Shine - When I share words of praise, affirmation, and love to another I connect to high frequencies and my divine self and I become light which can be felt and shared. I become healing and love.

What are you manifesting this month? Share your intentions with me and our community here on the forums.



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